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The Villavicencio surname has a Spanish Coat of Arms or Crest (Blazon) which was certified by the Chronicler King of Arms under Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent.

The Chronicler King of Arms (Cronista Rey de Armas) during the Spanish Kingdom was authorized to grant armorial bearings. The Corps of the Kings of Arms is a lifetime appointment by the King or reigning Queen and is headed by a Dean (Decano). Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent was the last appointed Chronicler King of Arms of Spain.


The Coat of Arms of Villavicencio is included in Johan Baptiste Rietstap's(1828-1891) book entitled "Armorial General, contenant la description des armouries des familles nobles et patriciemas de l'Europe" which is written in French in 1861 with 3 volumes and is the most authoritative work on heraldry ever done. The book lists more than a 100,000 surnames in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, English, etc. The page with the name Villavicencio can be found on page 1085, of the second edition, enlarged and revised during 1884-1887.

Original Copy of Armorial General at New York Public Library
As written in the book, the Coat of Arms of Villavicencio is described below:

Esp. - D'azur â trois fasces entées d'arg. et de gu

In V. & H. V. Rolland's Illustrations to the Armorial General by J.B.Reitstap, Volume V, there are two blazons illustrated as shown below:

The first blazon refers to that of the Kingdom of Leon while the second one refers to the one in Spain.

Villavicencio - Royaume de Leon.
D'or  à trois bandes d'azur, acc. de quatre mains dextres appaumees de gu, posees chacune en pal, rangees en barre
(In field of gold, three diagonal bands of blue, accompanied by four red right hands, with each palm showing, and four bar positions between the bands.

Villavicencio - Esp.
D'azur â trois fasces entées d'arg. et de gu.
Cq. cour. C: un bras, arm. au nat., la main de carn. tenant une epee d'arg., garnie d'or

This illustration is located on page 1004, A-K; V.2 L-Z in the book “Illustrations to the Armorial General by J.-B. Rietstap”, by V. & H. V. Rolland, Volume 5 reproduced in 1967 & 1991 from the 1903/26 edition of Heraldry Today, Parliament Piece, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, SN8 2QH .

The original book was entitled “J.B. Rietstap General Illustrated Armorial” by Victor & Henri Rolland and it included additions and corrections (PL.CIX). It  was published by Sauvegarde Historique, 142, Rue de Crequi, 142, LYON, France.

Other descriptions of the Villavicencio Shield include:
Francisco Piferrer:
En campo de oro, tres bandas de azur, sobre cada una de las cuales hay una mano de gules
(In field of gold, three bands of blue, on each of which is a hand in red)

Francisco Lozano for the Villavicencio branch in Jerez de la Frontera:
En campo de plata, cinco fajas de verso de azur. Bordura de oro.  
(Silver with five bands of blue with gold border)
This shield was passed on to Cuba and Peru according to Don Vicente de Cadenas.

In Andalucia:
En campo de azur, tres fajas de oro, cargada cada una de cinco dedos de gules
(Blue with three stripes of gold, charged each with five fingers in red)

Miguel de Salazar:
En campo de azur, tres ordenes de verso de oro en faja
(Blue with three orders of gold in stripes)

En campo de azur, tres fajas de oro, veradas de gules, Borduro con siete castillos de oro.
(Blue with three stripes of gold, red sidewalk bordered with seven castles of gold)

Francisco Zazo and Rosilla for Jerez de la Frontera and parts of Andalucia:
En campo de azur, tres barras de oro, señaladas de cinco dedos de gules. Timbre: Un brazo derecho con una espada
(Blue with three bars of gold, five fingers in red and a right arm with a sword)

Juan Francisco de Hita for For Jerez de la Frontera:
En campo de oro, cinco bandas veradas de sinople y gules
(In field of gold, five bands of green and red)
For Leon: 
En campo de oro, tres fajas ondeadas de azur
(Gold, three wavy bands of blue)

Juan Baños de Velasco:
En campo de azur, tres barras de oro, veradas de gules
(Blue, three bars of gold, veradas gules)

Andres de Heredia for Villavicencio in Valladolid:
Escudo fajado en cuatro piezas de azur y plata. Bordura de gules, con seis aspas de oro.
(Shield swaddled in four pieces of blue and silver bordered with six gold blades)

Nunez de Villavicencio used:
En campo de azur, tres bandas de oro, y sobre cada una de ellas una mano de gules.
(Blue with three bands of gold and on each of them a red hand)

Other Descriptions:

En campo de sinople, un castillo de oro, y a su puerta, un caballero armado, con una alabarda en la mano; al pie del castillo, un lebrel; en el flanco siniestro, un árbol al natural, con cinco picas arrimadas al tronco y un águila sobre la copa.
(In field of green, a castle of gold and a door with a gentleman armed with a halberd in hand, at the foot of the castle, a greyhound, in the sinister side, a natural tree, with five spades trunk and an eagle over the top)

Encampo de azur, tres bandas de verso de plata
(Blue with three silver bands)

Encampo de azur, tres fajas de oro, y en ellas cinco mazas de oro
(Blue with three bands of gold and five gold hubs)

En campo de azur, tres fajas de verso de gulles y oro
(Blue with three stripes of red and gold)

En campo de plata una banda de sinople
(Silver with a band of green)

En campo de gules, dos fajas, de oro
(In field of red with two stripes of gold)

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